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 Caterpillar 200KW Generator


P3P Equipment Sales, Inc is a small business that we started in "retirement"...primarily to allow us to have available the equipment necessary to carry on the full development of our properties in West Virginia. We began buying used equipment..much of which needed repairs,and before long..had more equipment than we could use..and decided to concentrate on "filling the need" for reasonable equipment to those folks out there that like old dozers, graders, and on and on. Much of the equipment we sell is not perfect..but is fairly priced.. serviceable..and usually has a good deal of useful life left. Well, our business has kinda taken off....and so we decided to make available our entire inventory anytime via our Web site, . If you see what you need..or want us to keep our eye open for something specific..please let us know.

P3P Equipment Sales, Inc is located on Hwy 9..just a mile out of Paw Paw, West Virginia.. in the "panhandle of West Virginia". We deal in used, frequently vintage equipment.There are only two of us.. me and my lovely (and patient wife) Leslie... and while we are pretty "sharp" on equipment..we really concentrate on buying it right..selling it right..and telling our customers as much as we know about a specific piece of equipment. We have found that works..and we are happy to say that we have been building a pretty good sized "repeat customer base". While we do not have the ability to deliver all of our equipment..much of the smaller stuff can be worked into our own travels a much more advantageous rate than normal shipping! Please feel free to ask about possible delivery.

We are pretty well "off the beaten path", but we'd be more than happy to have you stop and see us (could use the help feeding the horses!)..but call first! We are available pretty much 24 hours a day..7 days a week..and have an airstrip on the property for the "really brave". If you are too far away to visit..we'd love to talk to you give us a call, send us an email, or send us a fax. We'll do our best to treat you right."

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